Get to know LOCA culture!


We provide high-quality courses for some of the most popular social dances world-wide, emphasizing on technique delivered with fun, reinforcing the feeling of belonging to our community and spreading our LOCA culture. Take advantage of our pressure-free environment to learn not only how to dance, but to improve your physical fitness while balancing a social life without any effort!

After having enjoyed the benefits of dancing for what feels like our whole lives, we decided to give back to the community! We want not only to create our group of students, but to make you ready to join the dance community world-wide! Whether in your hometown or at international festivals you’ll travel to with friends, forget that nervous feeling that keeps you off
the dancefloor.



LOCA culture:

● International environment
● Bring cool people together
● Challenge yourself and each other
● Learn fast and fun
● Community feeling
● Be fit and happy
● Forget your stresses and reduce anxiety
● Be(come) confident
● Focus on student input and suggestions


Our certifications:



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