We are driven not only by
passion for dancing, but also
by passion for people.


Coming from a dancing background where preparing for performances and competition is the essence of your life, when you spend more time in the training hall than with your friends and family, as well as after dancing social for years, we decided one can compromise.
When dancing social and teaching it, we tried to work on all the struggles our students face since we also understand them well. We really wanted to solve them all. Starting to dance might be extremely easy for some, but a huge challenge for others. Through trainings, regular meetups and generally a very friendly atmosphere, we decided to encourage those who are already great dancers and support those who still might be too shy or not confident enough to cross the doorstep of the dance school.







Anna and Claudia both started as followers and went on the path of teaching. You can meet their many former students dancing in socials around the globe (Ukraine, Germany, France, Italy, Canada) where they continue to make us proud.

They like to think they’ve managed to transpose their joy for dance into them and this is why they’ve broken the bounds of the student-teacher relationship, becoming dear friends as well. They believe one cannot teach speaking only of leading or only of following, but a good teacher has a solid understanding of both roles. This is what motivated them to start leading themselves. Don’t be surprised if you see them dance as leaders at parties, they are not too shy to ask the ladies for a dance or two.

Jose grew up dancing in Argentina. from Rock, Salsa and Tango, to schuchplatter, he has a lot of experience moving his feet around. Having fallen in love with bachata right after moving to Germany, José uses all his past experiences to feed his own style of Bachata Fusion.

Since childhood, Rebecca has been attracted by music. After many years of playing the flute, she started her dancing career with country, salsa, and swing. She brings a unique twist to her bachata dancing, and she has a keen eye to technique, being able to deconstruct any move, which makes her an excellent teacher.

Silvan is a salsa guru. His structured approach to teaching proves to make anyone dance and inherit Silvans’s passion for it. He travelled around the world gathering unique salsa moves, styling techniques and he is always ready to impress his students!


We are driven not only by passion for dancing, but also by passion for people.
We’d like to share the first one with everyone, while the second one,
we believe, will help us to succeed.


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