Still don’t feel like
dancing is something for you?

Think again!

Here are some of the benefits that dancing has on your persona:




Our courses:
Salsa is the most danced social dance world-wide. Join the rhythms of the easy-going, freedom-loving Casino-style that originates from Cuba. Get ready for a Cuban vacation at the end of your work-day!
Bachata originating from Dominican Republic, it quickly became one of the most sensual ways of expression on the dance floor. Bachata is freedom, its mixture of quick and slow rhythms will never leave you bored! Plus you can pick up bachata basics very fast!
Our levels:
A1 – Shake it up! You’ve never danced before and want to use all the benefits of dancing right away. You are curious about getting a cool dance hobby.  
A2/B1 – Crazy legs You’ve done some basics of the respective social dance before and have a gap of not dancing at all for less than 1 year. You’ve learned the basics of leading/ following and are eager to enrich your set of essential figures. You’re willing to develop and step on the path of becoming a dance star.  
B2/C1 – Go wild! Your dance star path has been longer than 6 months and the perfection is closer than you think. You have a good set of figures and techniques, but you can’t get enough of it. You want to learn how to emphasize your style, play with the music and polish your techniques.  
C2 – Masters of Disaster! Found a figure that you like from your favorite artist? Don’t know how to master it on your own? Want to focus on a specific sequence? Want to practice and polish what you’ve already learned? Come to our master project with what you have in mind and let’s figure it out together!    

Our one hour classes include:

  • English taught courses in an international setting
  • Interactive classes designed based on student input and suggestions
  • 30 minutes of preparation:
    + repetition of basic steps/footwork
    + training of muscles that you need for the upcoming figure
    + all-body warm-up
  • 30 minutes of mastering the technique and practice
  • CID certification each year upon course completion

Preparation for the class:
*when the day of your dance class comes and you are packing your bag, don´ t forget:

  • Comfortable clothes: sweatpants, leggings and your favourite t-shirt will do! (no fancy business suits, tuxedos or minidresses)
  • A pair of indoor shoes: gym sneakers, jazz dance shoes are perfect, dancing in socks could work as well, no high heels for girls (leave your hiking boots at home for now)
  • Water (we care for you and don´´ t want you to dehydrate)
  • Your smile (it simply makes everything better!)

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